Thursday 21 February

10:00 — Presentations
— Femke Snelting : LGRU, two years after
— Pierre Huyghebaert : Introduction Collision and the Co-position research
— Eric Schrijver and John Haltiwanger : Visual Culture
— Alex Leray and Stéphanie Vilayphiou : Brainch and other projects
— Dave Young : Yet another collaboritive writing tool
— Christoph Haag (Lafkon)
Eleanor Greenhalgh
 + other presentations of various related projects by participants.

12:30 — Lunch

14:00 — Exercises
— Plotter play – territories (Gijs de Heij)
Yet another collaboritive writing tool (Dave Young) (Christoph Haag)

Friday 22 February

10:00 – Exercise: The People Speak
— Maps, territories, conflict

12:30 — Lunch

14:00 — Fieldtrip: Border stone meets elephant
— Pierre and Femke introduce three possible approaches in response to a specific cartographic collision. We’ll form three groups, to develop each a mini-prototype.
As a startingpoint, we invite each group to think with us about (one of) the following questions:
— Could we imagine how reverse placement could bring another approach to toponomy?
— What if the visualisation of geographic data would allow for tension and conflict to become visible?
— How to imagine thresholds as relational parameters, rather than as binary borders?
(Research/discussion materials will be provided)

Saturday 23 February

10:00 — Prototyping continued

12:30 — Lunch

14:00 — Prototyping continued (+ reporting)

17:00 — Presentations and discussion