evolving publication

An excited morning spent on planning the work on a reader for The Libre Graphics Research Unit. This 'evolving publication' gathers existing and commissioned texts, and maybe other materials. With AL + SV we imagine a vibrant collection of open content material shared through collective indexing, annotation and translation. A first installment should be ready [...]

(formerly Bootstrap)

In 1962 Douglas Engelbart tied a brick to a pencil. The experiment was part of a research proposal written for the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research. In his text Augmenting human intellect: A Conceptual Framework1 he argues that in light of increasing production, population and complexity, the solvers of tough, critical problems of [...]

Writing technique

I'm working my way through The Stroke: Theory of writing1. In the last chapter on Technique, Gerrit Noordzij talks about his hands for the first time: The fingers are virtually at rest relative to the wrist, the angle between the shaft of the pen and the writing surface is constant and the whole arm is [...]

Software For People

In response to an audience member who complained about a certain WordPress functionality, Matt Mulleweg1 said: "The Software is Wrong, Not the People"2. Shifting the responsibility from People to Software, Mulleweg was applauded for being sensitive to user-demands. "[It] should be the motto for all software companies"3 But with his statement he also confirmed popular [...]

Desktop Summit

Planning a weekend at the Desktop Summit in Berlin, preparing for a mix of toolkit, developer and community tracks: interesting choices of perspective. How do distribution, application and toolkit communities actually work together? How will they/we speak about software? What about Unity?

Listen to this page

"Draw two crossing lines from one edge of a page to another edge. Each division is read out loud by another person." File: frog.ogg Read by participants in the seminar Scripted Reading at the Association for Cultural Studies Summer Institute on Critical Literacies. Thank you Tony, Riet & Ike. Text: The Frog King from Household [...]

Discretion and continuity

PH reports from a long conversation with PM. They have settled on the word-pair 'discretion' and 'continuity' to describe the rigid and yet fluid character of computated lay-out. I'll need to go back to JH and finally pick up on the discussion we had on Code vs. Canvas, and about guessing and aiming.

Back to the future

As a way to transition into the Libre Graphics Research Unit, I am browsing through the interview archive at OSP ... transcribing a few still unpublished conversations and re-reading others: Tom Lechner: Laid Out (2011, editing) Claudia Krummenacher: Scribus usability design (2011, editing) John Haltiwanger: ConText (2010, editing) Asheesh Laroia: Inclusion and exclusion (2011, editing) [...]